Private lesson with an experienced instructor
This is for you
  • If you are a beginner
    If you want to learn the style of meditation that suits you, get clear & legit instructions, understand the science behind the practice.
    If you do not want to waste time on pseudo-meditations, doubts and mistakes.
  • If you are a practitioner
    If you want to deepen your knowledge, get more clarity on your way, try new techniques and improve your skills.
    If you do not want to keep having doubts, stagnation or weak effects of your practice.
  • If meditate occasionally
    If you want to make meditation your regular practice, have a clear growth plan and be inspired to meditate everyday.
    If you do not want to waste time searching for the right meditations for you and struggle with self motivation.
About the method
With me you will experience the benefits of the mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness practice is a system of psychological regulation methods based on attention management. To put it simply: these are various secular meditations (outside of a religious context), which train attention to be in the present moment, stable, focused and non-judgmental. The method I teach is not about esoteric manifestations, vibrations or law of attraction. You will learn how work with the content of your own mind and turn our attention inwards rather than trying to control external variables. Money, work, relationships, health, etc. are too volatile and not always under our control. By relying on them only, we doom ourselves to constant mood swings, fear of loss and self-esteem problems. Whereas our mind can be fully controlled with the power of our attention.

Happy mind - happy life!

Mindfulness practices originate in the meditation traditions of Asia, but over the past 50 years they have been adapted by a secular world and are successfully used in medical stress reduction programs, schools, universities, government agencies, as well as in the largest companies in Europe and the USA.
What are the befits of mindfulness practice?
It gradually instills 9 internal well-being habits.
What is internal well-being?
Well-being is a more accurate word for "happiness". Internal well-being is when you rely not on external things like money, work, family, but on your inner state of mind. In other words, your happiness is inside, and disregarding external changes, it will always remain with you.
And what are the 9 habits of internal well-being?
AWARENESS SKILLS: Concentration, Clarity, Equanimity
ATTITUDE SKILLS: Curiosity, Compassion, Kindness
EMBODIMENT SKILLS: Relaxation, Steadiness, Composure.

These habits guaranty a happy living!
What I guarantee
  • Qualification
    I have 6 years of personal practice, 4 years of teaching including large corporations, training with 3 Masters, mindfulness instructor certificate from a leader in corporate meditation.
  • Support
    From me you will receive unconditional support, acceptance, motivation, humor and warmth. No pressure and moralizing.
  • Confidentiality
    Everything that happens in class remains between me and you.
Daria Metelskaia
Certified mindfulness meditation instructor
  • Certified Meditation Instructor (School of Mindfulness, Russia)
  • Studied with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche.
  • Conducted trainings at 2 largest Russian banks.
  • Creator of meditation based online courses "Stress Detox", "Antifragility", "Gold of Shadow", "Decode Yourself".
  • Metaphorical cards coach.
The session
Determine points A and B
We discuss at what stage you are now, your goals and amount of time you are ready to meditate.
Theory & practice
We discuss neurobiology, ethics and "technology" of meditation. We practice together.
Discuss your experience
We correct mistakes and clarify your doubts.
Individual recommendations
I suggest a personal growth plan and mindful activities for you.
What my students say
  • Anna
    Your calm, loving voice, your phenomenal energy, everything that I was lucky to learn from you before - this is such a help!
    Thank you dear Daria!
  • Anastasia
    I came to understand the idea that pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional) Loving attention helped me, I had a black voluminous blot, somewhere below the solar plexus. Probably everything becomes easier if you pay attention
  • Anna
    I began to return my attention to the center more and more often, I try to live from this rooted state. And this also gives a greater connection with oneself, even a certain confidence that I have Myself.
45 min
1 h 15 min
4 x 1 h 15 min
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